5 Symptoms of Chronic Daydreaming

I was a massive day dreamer growing up and I had to make the decision to be more present in my life as I felt like a spectator in my life with no control over it. Becoming more present has enabled me to build the life I want to live, but this doesn't mean I still don't enjoy getting lost in my thoughts. I just get to do it less often, here is what I have noticed about daydreaming.

Teachers often asked you to "stop starring out the window".

Its 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and the lesson about tectonic plates just isn't holding your attention the way it should. Out of the corner of your eye you see a bird is swooping and diving and you wonder what it would be like to be that bird. Chasing after a tiny gnat in the breeze, finding thermals to buoy your flight. Suddenly, Mrs. Smith is asking what is so fascinating, you are abruptly back in the real world and mourning your day dream. 

People ask if you are lost, even though you know exactly where you are going. 

You are walking down the same street you have done every day for the past year. You know exactly where to go, but finding something new in the architecture or a squirrel scurrying back up a tree is a source of entertainment in an otherwise mundane commute. At some time or other a kindly person will ask if you are lost. "Oh no, I'm ok" you say walking away from the stranger who doesn't quite believe you. 

You laugh for no reason because you thought of something hilarious.

Because you are hilarious, duh!

You have trouble listening because you are a world away.

You are so engrossed in your day dreams that you aren't paying attention to what is going on around you. Questions are often answered with "huh?" or "what?". This can be annoying for other people but it's not your fault they are boring.

You have zoned out for so long that you no longer have any clue what is going on.

Having to ask someone what happened because you weren't paying attention is almost worse than not showing up at all, so usually you will just pretend you know what is going on and will figure out the details later. 

Participate in your life and if something isn't living up to the dream, change it. Remember the present is a present, so enjoy it. 

Gem x