The Pros/ Cons of being a grown up

I enjoy being an adult and the freedom that comes with it, I have a great job which is both challenging and rewarding and I have great people in my life. While I love where I am in my life right now there are definite drawbacks to entering "adulthood" or whatever that means.


Pro- You can spend your money on whatever you want. If you want to spend all your money on sweets and make up you can do that friend. 

Con- You also have bills and rent to pay so there is less money to spend on the stuff you want. Also you need to get a job to buy things.


Pro- You can choose to go anywhere your budget will allow at any time of the year. 

Con- Remember those long summer breaks that you had at school and college? Unless you are an actual teacher, you can kiss those months of lazing about good bye. 


Pro- They happen less often, because you don't go out 3 times a week, like you did in college. 

Con- Your hangover is so outrageous you have considered filing a complaint with Ofcom.


Pro- You appreciate your weekend so much more because you know you have earned a day off.

Con- The word "hump day" has made its way into your lexicon and you don't use it ironically.

Cool Shit

Pro- You don't have to waste energy keeping up with trends. 

Con- You have had to google what acronyms such as CTFD mean, and having a conversation with a teenager is a complete nightmare. 

I definitely don't have it all sorted out. Most days I still feel like I'm 19 but all in all I wouldn't have it any other way.