Walking is a perfect way to exercise for me, it doesn’t require a lot a planning, you don’t need any special equipment and it can basically be done all on your own terms. 

I have been pretty busy lately and it can be difficult to take time for myself and get out of my head. I always find a nice long walk the perfect remedy to any bad mood or stressful situation and it always feels good to get out into nature. I like to put my headphones on, turn the music up and set out biped style. 

I have been extremely lucky to have grown up in a very picturesque village which has a plethora of scenic walks. However there are plenty of walks in the city and I have been know to pick up and go further field on a bit of an adventure. When I am heading to new places I like to take someone with me so if I get lost I don’t freak out too much. 

Taking a partner or friend is also a great way to get through a walk because with company it always seems to go faster, you can motivate each other and you can get a good gossip in. I also like to take a camera with me (usually just my iPhone) because some views are too pretty to leave in your memory. 

Field in the Mourne Mountains. 

This summer I am planning to go on some walking festivals to get a better feel for the routes around the Mourne Mountains and as many other adventures as I can, which you can follow along with on Instagram

I hope you get out this summer and explore the countryside too.

So get to steppin’ guys. 

Gem x