Face Masks

I love to relax and watch a box set or six, but while I am doing this, so I don't feel like a complete slob, I put on a face mask. They add a bit of luxury to any lazy evening and everyone needs to be pampered every now and then. 

I seen a new face mask on Facebook called JorgObé Peel Off Mask and decided to give it a try as I am always looking for new products. The smell of this stuff is quite strong and reminds me of Sambuca, so be warned, the pungent smell actually stung my eyes. That was not pleasant, but the smell dissipates quite quickly as the mask dries. The instructions state that it should be kept on for 30 minutes and is better to leave on too long than to take off too soon. So this is definitely a mask that you should do when you don’t have anything on. 


I put the mask over my T zone and found it hard to put a thicker layer on as it is very sticky. The peeling off process reminded me of picking off sunburn so if you find that weirdly satisfying like I do then this is the stuff for you. The peeling off was actually a little painful as it pulled on the tiny hairs of the face but by no means unbearable. 


After I had removed the product my skin was so soft and clear and I am sure after a few more uses I will notice an improvement in my pores, but I am slightly obsessed with my pores around my nose. I have bought quite a few new sheet masks which I am really excited to try and I will keep you posted on my face mask odyssey. 

Until next time,

Gem x