Wet Hot American Inspiration

The Netflix prequel to the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer has finally arrived and of course the fashion is as on point as it was when the movie came out. The cast looks a little older considering they are playing a bunch of 16 year olds fourteen years after the movie came out, which makes me like it even more somehow. Considering how the cast has gone on to do amazing things in their careers since the movie was released in 1991, it is a surprise that they were all able to come back and reprise their roles. Thank god they did because it still weird, wonderful and worth a watch. 

One of my favourite scenes from the movie

The fashion here is 70s/80s sporty casual and I think it is so cute. I have put together a little set inspired by the movie on Polyvore if you want to check it out. Putting together sets is fast becoming my new obsession so forgive me if I post one to many of these in the future. 

Bradley Cooper wears a vintage Fila jacket in the movie and I am just obsessed with it. I was able to find a similar one here. It is only in the men section but I think I could get away with a small. 

How awesome is this picture?

Is there any movies that inspire your fashion sensibilities?

Let me know if you like this kind of post and don't forget to request some more movies that I can style.