5 Things That Will Make You Smile Right Now

Some days you just need a reason to smile, well today I have 5 reasons for you to smile right now.

1. A giant inflatable minion broke loose in Santry, Dublin on Monday. I don't think that I would have been pleased to see this on my commute home but this photograph is priceless.  

2. Here is a baby trying a lemon for the first time. I feel pretty guilty about this one but it is so funny. 

Gavin does NOT love lemon, but he's willing to try just about anything we give him.

3. This ermine who is auditioning for Crouching Tiger Hidden  Dragon. 

4. This cat and dog duo, who are bringing all the feels. 

5. I always save the best for last, Bake Off is back on our screens. Bring on the cakes. 

Now I need to have all the cakes. 

Share what is making you smile right now.