Post Holiday Monday Blues

I have the post holiday Monday blues, which are arguably the worst kind of Monday Blues. I have returned from an 11 night stay in Marrakech, Morocco and I am thoroughly relaxed. However, following a trip away I find there is a period where you have to take off the rose-tinted Sunnies and integrate back into your regular life *sigh*. 

Mondays can be tough at the best of times, but getting through the rake of e-mails that have accumulated over your break just seems to add to how sorry you tend to feel for yourself. 

In light of the blues here are four things that are cheering me up right now. 

First up is this advice from Judy Greer to women in their 20's. It actually the best. 

Next is Laith al-Amirij photographed crying and holding his children whilst disembarking from a refugee filled dinghy in Kos, Greece. An image which brings home just how terrifying their journey must have been.  The next photogragh is from Bild magazine which managed to track the family down after they had settled in Germany. There are so many harrowing photographs from this current humanitarian crisis, it gives me hope to see a happy resolution for this family. 

Next up is a refreshing mash-up of Summer 2015 tunes from Elijay L.E.J. How these young women have interwoven these songs blows my mind. 

Serena Williams artfully shutting down a reporter who asks why she is not smiling is next on my list of things that are inspiring to me right now. Her brutally honest response to a man who is not being entertained by this world class tennis star, is amazing.

Finally for a massive dose of inspiration here is a video of Mel Robbins Ted talk; titled how to stop screwing yourself over.