My Favourite Instagram Accounts

If your anything like me, the body part you work out most is your scrolling finger. I love sneaking a little peek into the highlights of peoples lives. There are a few accounts I enjoy popping up on my feed, which add a little variety to the usual selfie and OOTDs photos that crowd my feed (although I do love these). 

Taste of Streep

Meryl Streep photo shopped on to food is everything you didn't know you needed. Although if I found Streep starring up at me from a box of chicken tenders I might loose my shit. 

Liana Finck

Little cartoons to break the monotony of your day. 

Baron Von Fancy

Typography artist with a flair for word play. 

Jessie Cave

This awesome artist played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter. Her witty doodles never cease to entertain me. 

Tony Futura

His modern pop art is a breath of fresh air on my feed. 

Who do you like to see on your feed?